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Live light supplementary knowledge, how to choose supplementary light

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What is a fill light
The fill light is a kind of lamp used to compensate the lighting of some equipment or plants due to lack of illuminance. What people call fill light usually has
There are three types, one is the fill light for the camera greenhouse (also called the plant fill light), the fill light for photography (also called the photography light or camera fill light), and the fill light for the license plate (also called white light).
There are usually three types of fill light that people call, one is photography fill light (also called photography light or camera fill light), video greenhouse fill light (also called plant fill light), license plate fill light (also called plant fill light) Called white light).
Camera fill light
Video fill light is also called video light, headlight, news light, etc. Its main function is to provide auxiliary light when shooting under the condition of lack of light, so as to obtain reasonable picture material. The camera fill light has excellent control performance such as adjusting the brightness, color temperature, and displaying the remaining power.
The previous camera fill light used halogen bulbs and was connected to the mains. Has now been eliminated.
Most of the LED lights are used. Because of its high light efficiency, low voltage, small size, long life, fast response, strong shock resistance, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics, it is rapidly popularized.
The new generation of camera fill light uses LED light-emitting diodes as the light-emitting body and uses rechargeable batteries for power supply. Some also use external mains power supply.
LED camera fill light is divided into high-power LED lights and low-power LED lights.
The mainstream camera fill light is mostly low-power camera fill light. For example, the VLOGLITE R66RGB camera fill light (pictured) is a low-power LED camera fill light. Camera fill light generally includes lamp body and diffuser, battery, charger, adapter rod and other accessories (picture).

Figure( 1)
How to make good use of photography fill light in different environments
In some complicated environments such as night, indoors, hotels, cars, elevators, etc., in order to shoot beautiful pictures, you need to use light reasonably. The following describes how to fill light in several environments.
1. Character Interview Lighting Design Instructions
Personal interviews are usually in offices, residences, hotels and other places. At this time, the environment is more complicated. The traditional lighting is inconvenient to pull the power cord, the power is large, and it takes up space. These will consume your precious time and resources. The following is a brief introduction to the method of lighting with high-efficiency LED photography lights: this type of interview ambient light is generally based on 5600K color temperature, so we need to choose two to three camlight photography lights, the color temperature of the lamp head is 5600K. Pay attention to make full use of the natural light outside the window when lighting. It may become your main light or contour light. Use the built-in battery PL-68 to distribute other lights. In short, you must build the main light, auxiliary light and contour light with the light on site. Through these treatments, the on-site illumination can be increased by 300---800LUX, and a perfect lighting environment is presented in front of your eyes.
2. News shooting instructions
In most news shooting environments, except for the special lighting environment, in theory all need to fill light. These under-light lenses can be seen in the news programs of various TV stations every day. In fact, the supplementary light during news shooting is very simple. According to the lightness and long battery life of the camlight camera light, it only needs to be installed on the head of the camera and opened. With the camera, the lights can be turned on synchronously, which is very convenient to use. Most of the shooting environment is at 5600K color temperature, the angle of the lamp head is 45 degrees, and the illuminance can be increased by 150-300 LUX when it is two meters away from the subject. After you use this lamp to take a few news, you will find that there is no fill light. The picture is really inferior. In fact, it is only a few hundred LUX, after using PL-68 to fill light in a small area, the picture has been greatly improved!
3. Small scene shooting instructions
Camlight photography light also has one of the most incredible applications. Many movies and TV shows cannot do without the lens in the car. The lighting of the car has always been the most headache for the lighting engineer and photographer. According to the "Forever Mangrove" crew In practical application, PL-68 has solved the lighting needs of cars when they are stopped and driving. The method of use is to fix the PL-68 on the window glass with a hose holder with a suction cup for the camera, and adjust the brightness according to the needs. And angle; in fact, camlight photography lights have quite a lot of excellent performance in small environments, such as in elevators, these are indispensable shooting locations for modern dramas. Of course, in a large shooting environment, the light is also suitable for the delineation of details.
In shooting character shapes, the use of camlight photography light and soft cover, the effect is very good: the brightness is adjustable, the color rendering is good, and the details such as the light of the eyes of the characters can be outlined. Appropriate addition of auxiliary light sources can make better character image effects, which adds new and operable technical conditions to the art of photography.
In film lighting and photographic lighting, the basic technical requirements are the same, but each has its own requirements in specific occasions. For example, photographic lighting is a picture work, and the level of detail is much higher than that of TV shooting. Especially for the point and line lighting, the use of modern lighting technology will greatly improve the shooting effect, but TV images have entered the high-definition era, so the lighting requirements have also increased.
Classification of fill light
According to the use scene, it can be basically divided into indoor fill light and portable fill light.
Indoor lighting is mainly divided into ring lights and constant lights;
Special fill light for live broadcast: It may be the same as the picture below. The advantage is economical. A light can basically meet the demand, but the light can be controlled at a relatively small angle. In addition, the ring light's eye light is a bit strange, which may be liked by girls; beauty bloggers and diners use this light the most. The lights are always on, and various accessories can be added, such as soft light boxes and radomes. After assembling the accessories, it is probably like this. This kind of lamp is more expensive, but it can be matched with various accessories and a variety of lamps to match various professional effects.

figure 2)
Outdoor portable equipment can be basically divided into ordinary square and rod-shaped (also called ice lamp) according to its shape.
The square lamp looks like the following, the shape is generally small, and it is easy to carry

image 3)
How to choose a live fill light? What indicators should be paid attention to when choosing a fill light
1. The fill light effect, that is, the brightness, is lux. In theory, the higher the illuminance, the better the fill light effect, and the more lamp beads, the stronger the illuminance.
2. Color rendering index, the higher the color rendering index, the better the color recovery of the subject or person. The basic requirement of fill light is 95.
3. Controllability, because not everyone is a professional photographer, the simpler the operation, the better
4. Battery life is also an important indicator of portable fill light when shooting outdoors.
5. Power: The power of 5W or more for portability is fine. Regardless of portability, you can choose a higher power of 10w-20w or so. The greater the power, the higher the brightness.
6. Volume size and portability. Choose according to the purpose of the venue. For indoor fixed venues, you can recommend ring lights of more than 8 inches.
7. Special function: Magnetic attraction, convenient to carry and fix it on the metal surface to combine lighting at will.
8. Special effect mode: CCT color temperature stepless dimming mode, RGB mode, special effect mode, which can bring special effects and color atmosphere to live broadcast.

Figure 4)
The following is the fill light with recommended matching parameters according to different live broadcast scenes
The tripod can be chosen at will according to your preferences.
1. Recommended ring lights for indoor fixed live broadcasts (not considering moving and carrying, pursuing the best effect)
LED QTY: 120 LED beads
White 60PCS+Yellow 60PCS
Color Temperature:3200k-6500k ±200KStepless Adjustment
Illuminance: 900LUX/0.3m
CRI: 95
Beam Angle:120°
Power Supply: 5V USB direct input
Work Temperature:-10-50
Control Mode:Control-by-wire
USB Line: 1.5m
Shell Material: ABS
Figure (5) Figure (6)

2. Indoor live broadcast ring light (considering the illuminance and mobile carrying, the compromise between illuminance and volume is considered recommended)
LED QTY: 64 LED beads
White 32PCS+Yellow 32PCS
Color Temperature:3200k-6500k ±200K Stepless Adjustment
Illuminance: 700LUX/0.3m
CRI: 95
Beam Angle 120°
Voltage: 8W
Power Supply: 5V USB direct input
Work Temperature:-10-50
Control Mode:Control-by-wire
USB Line: 1.5m
Shell Material: ABS

Figure (7) Figure (8)
3. Outdoor live broadcast fill light (considering the illuminance and mobile carrying, the illuminance and volume should be considered and recommended, the power is high, the illuminance is high, and the volume is slightly larger)
LED QTY: 140 LED beads
White 49PCS+Yellow 49PCS+RGB 42PCS
Color Temperature:2500K-9000K±200K
CRI: 95
Power: 8W
Beam Angle:120°
Illuminance: 800Lux/0.3m
Type-C Charging
Battery Capacity: 3100mAh
Charging time:2.5H (5V/2A)
Work Time: 3H~10H
Shell Material: ABS

Figure (9) Figure (10)
4. Outdoor live broadcast fill light (focus on mobile carrying and flexibility and entertainment)
LED QTY: 66 LED beads
White 18PCS+Yellow 18PCS+RGB 30PCS
Color Temperature:2500K-9000K±200K
CRI: 95
Power :5W
Beam Angle:120°
Illuminance: 800Lux/0.5 m
Type-C Charging
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Charging time:3H (5V/2A)
Work Time: 2.5H~10H
Shell Material: ABS

Figure (11)

Figure (12)

Why use fill light for live broadcast
1. More photogenic. Now most peoples live studios are not professional live studios. They are all remodeled later. They did not pay special attention to the lighting during the decoration. Either the lighting is too hard or the light is not enough, and the effect of shooting is very poor. The function of the fill light is to give the live broadcast room a softer and sufficiently bright light to make the anchor and the product look more photogenic.
2. The focusing speed is faster. Some people always feel that the picture is blurry and the focus is slow during the live broadcast. They always think that the camera is not good, and they have to change to a more expensive camera. Of course, more expensive cameras can definitely improve the image quality, sharpness and focusing speed, but there is another thing that everyone will overlook, that is the light. In the case of insufficient lighting, we will adjust the exposure by adjusting the aperture, shutter and ISO to obtain better picture quality. This is just a remedy. If you want better picture quality, the most direct and effective way is to fill light.
3. The illuminance and color temperature can be adjusted freely. Some of the better fill light can freely adjust the illuminance and color temperature, it is best to buy the kind of mains power supply (220V), those USB fill light is not high, the power is not high, not to mention adjustment.

Precautions for being an anchor
1. First, make some preparations in the early stage of the live broadcast, such as mobile phones, headphones, microphones, power banks, selfie sticks, internet, background settings, chairs, tables, tripods, etc.

2. Put on some light makeup before the live broadcast, prepare your clothes, prepare your clothes according to the content of your live broadcast, be close to the live broadcast style, and avoid wearing naked underwear, such as wearing suspenders, low cuts, pajamas, swimwear, bathrobes, short skirts, shorts , Sexy uniforms, sexy underwear, see-through clothing, flesh-colored tights, fishnet stockings, clothing with sexually suggestive text or pictures, etc.

3. The anchor needs to adjust the lights, etc., so that they can add points to their own appearance and directly use the fill light.

4. Keep the live broadcast environment clean and tidy, and the background presented to everyone is not messy, simple and clear, cheerful and lively; the venue can generally be chosen in a quiet place such as the living room, study room, bedroom, dedicated live broadcast room, coffee shop, etc.

5. The content of the live broadcast of the anchor should be displayed according to their talents, such as singing, dancing, telling jokes, and telling stories. You can live-stream sales, play various musical instruments, live-stream shopping, live-stream eating, live-stream farming scenes, etc.

6. You need to understand the rules of the platform. In general, spread positive energy and resist vulgar content. You can't smoke, gamble, dress exposed, pornography, drugs, politics, etc. during the live broadcast.